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Our Eczema Story Shutting Down

We wish to inform our loyal readers that from the 4th September 2016, Our Eczema Story will be shut down.

The site was created due to the overwhelming number of friends and family that would ask us how we solved our daughter’s eczema. And not only achieved that goal, but after more 32,000 unique visits to the site, we know helped many others too.

With 2 young ones we simply don’t have the time (or energy) to support the site any longer.

We thank you for visiting and being part of a movement where we can find solution without the use of damaging pharmaceutical creams.

Good bye.

Chris + Ant

We Found Our Cause Of Eczema

Before we begin our follow-up story to Is This The Cause Of Eczema? that we posted back in November last year, we want to apologise for the long delay since our last article. A few days after our last story, we had a new addition to our family arrive – a beautiful baby girl. We will write more about that experience a bit later, but essentially we have been overwhelmed by a second child – more so than we ever thought. It’s hard work having two demanding children, one seemingly always needing something. But they are worth it, even though we feel we have aged 10 years in the last 5 months 🙂

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How Our Home Ventilation System Saved Us Energy

When our daughter’s eczema first hit, it started a mad rush of reading everything we could find on the web to explain what it was, and how to treat it. And one of the causes listed was mould. For the most part, our house is mould free. However, downstairs on the southerly side in winter, we would get mould on the blinds and window sills.

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Is This The Cause Of Eczema?

The one thing that I am sure bugs every parent with an eczema child is not knowing the true cause of eczema. We know about all the triggers – we wrote an article recently explaining 14 eczema triggers. But what is the thing that has changed in our environment that has resulted in such a massive spike in eczema cases?

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The Most Disgusting Eczema Trigger, Ever!

As many readers would know, we have had our daughters eczema under control for well over a year. In the last week however, it has started showing itself in ways never seen before. We couldn’t work it out. Nothing had changed in our house… or so we thought.

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Why Your Grandparents Didn’t Have Food Allergies… But You Do

In this article by Catherine Crow, she discusses the changes in our lifestyle over the last 100 years and it’s possible effect on our health. In particular, she focuses on the types of food that was eaten back then, how they ate it, where it was sourced from and where they ate their food.

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5 Ways To Heal The Eczema Body From Within

Welcome to the second part of our story on treating eczema with methods your child’s body will thank them (and you) for years to come. Also, a big thank you for all the amazing feedback on our first story 14 Eczema Triggers Your Child Should Avoid. We really hope you find part 2 as useful as the first!

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6 Reasons Allergies May Be Becoming More Frequent

In an article posted on The Conversation, the authors list 6 reasons they believe allergies are on the rise. We do agree that the reasons listed in the article make us more susceptible to allergies, but think there is still a missing link (or overriding cause) to eczema and allergies in general.
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